EZTV – Download Latest Movies, TV Series on EZTVTorrent

How can I download the latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies and tv series for free? There are a lot of websites where you can download any of your favorite movies and tv series free for charge. You might have heard of EZTV, but haven’t visited it or downloaded from it. The EZTV is an online Torrent download website, that offers free downloads for movies and TV series shows in HD free.

EZTV - Download Latest Movies, TV Series on EZTVTorrent

You don’t need to go to the theater anymore to spend money before you can see a movie. Or buy a lot of CDs or DVDs just to watch a whole TV series that have up to 10 Seasons.

What’s on EZTV?

On the EZTV Torrent website, you will find more than thousands of movies and tv series to download for free. On a daily basis, more millions of users around the world do visit the EZTVTorrent website to download all their favorite old and newly released movies and tv series.

However, the EZTV torrent website doesn’t only offers movies, you can download full seasonal movies and any of its new latest released episode for free. On the website, you will find the Top IMDB-rated movies and tv series. All the newly uploaded movies on the EZTV Torrent website are known as Recent movies, which you will find on the form page of the website.

On this Torrent site, you will easily find the latest released tv series on the Latest Episodes categories. The EZTV torrent site has an amazing interface that helps users easily navigate around the website. The EZTV website offers you movies and tv series with the best download size and good HD quality in Web.720p and Web.1080p which is also the same as BluRay 720p and BluRay 1080p.

Categories of Movies and Tv Series

You can easily find the best-rated movies and tv series on the website with the help of the menu bar or the Browse category. The website has a huge category of different types of movies and tv series you can download to watch offline for free. Below is the type of categories of movies on the EZTV website.

  1. Comedy
  2. Action
  3. Crime
  4. Adventure
  5. History
  6. Thriller
  7. War
  8. Drama
  9. Mystery
  10. Music
  11. Sci-Fi
  12. Horror
  13. Biography
  14. Romance
  15. Film-Noir
  16. Documentary
  17. Western
  18. News
  19. Sports
  20. Reality-TV
  21. Game-Show
  22. Talk-Show
  23. Short
  24. N/A

On each of every listed category above, you will find more than a hundred videos based on different types of movies or tv series. EZTVSeries allows you to make use of its website on mobile devices and computer devices to download movies or tv series.

EZTV Torrent Site Search

It is very easy and fast to make a search for any movies and tv series you want to watch offline. You can make the search for any movie or tv series based on the genre, country, network, type, year, and if it is old or new. Or you could just make use of the movies or tv series name if you know it. Follow the below steps to make an easy search on the EZTV torrent site.

  1. Go to Eztvtorrent.co.
  2. Click on the Top search box.
  3. Or click on the “Browse” button in the menu section.
  4. Then make use of the search bar to find the movie or tv series.

When you search for the movie or tv series you want to download, it will make a quick search display different movies and series. In some cases you won’t see the movie or series you search for; it means it is not on the website.


The browser feature on EZTV is an advanced search that helps users look for any movie or TV series with details. You can select from filter from different options, using Genre, country, Networks, Type, year, oldest, latest, and rating. You can use this if you have forgotten the name of the movie or series you want to download.

Latest Episode

If you are watching any seasonal movie (TV Series), you can get access to newly released episodes to download and watch.


If you know the IMDB website very well, you will come across the top-rated movies and tv series with good stars on the EZTV platform. You can as well check out the rating if it tallies with the one on the IMDB website.

Movies and TV Series on EZTVTorrent

You will come across millions of movies and tv series on the EZTV platform, I will be listing some of the top ones below.

  1. Clifford the Big Dog
  2. Mind Games
  3. Hideout
  4. Nail Bomber: Manhunt
  5. The Girl Who Believes in Miracles
  6. The Santa Stakeout
  7. Boss Movies
  8. Like Dog
  9. Boyfriends of Christmas
  10. Nazha Reborn
  11. Hawkeye
  12. Dexter: New Blood
  13. Dynasty
  14. Yellowstone
  15. Power Book II: Ghost
  16. Pawn Stars
  17. The Wheel of Time
  18. Survivor
  19. Young Rock
  20. Kenan
  21. Star Trek: Discovery
  22. The Rookie
  23. The Walking Dead: World Beyond
  24. Doctor Who
  25. Home Economics

The above are just 25 in a number of the movies and Tv series you will find on the EZTV torrent website to download to your device and watch offline for free.

EZTV Torrent Alternative

There are lots of torrent websites on the internet today, where you can get access to millions of movies and TV series. Should in case you can get access to the EZTV torrent platform, you can check out the below list of alternatives.

  1. The Pirate Bay
  2. RARBG
  3. 1337X
  4. YTS
  5. Torrentz2
  6. Limetorrents
  7. Torlock
  8. Zooqle
  9. IPTorrents
  10. Demonoid
  11. iDope
  12. Bit Torrent Scene
  13. YourBittorrent

You can check out the above list of available torrent sites like EZTV, where you can download free movies and TV shows to watch offline for free.

How to Download Movies & Series on EZTV Torrent

Downloading on any of the free movies or tv series sites is one of the best parts when you visit the EZTV torrent website. You can make use of an android device and desktop computer to download movies or tv series from this free torrent website. Follow the below steps to download any of your favorite movies or series.

  1. Go to www.eztvtorrent.co.
  2. Find your download movies or series from the recent movies or series page.
  3. Or you can make use of the search bar or Browse categories from the menu bar to search for the movie tv series you want to download.
  4. When you find the movies or tv series, click on the “Download” icon below.
  5. Then click on “Download” under Torrent or “Magnet” under the Magnet download option.

Then your torrent or magnet file will start downloading. Note using torrent you will be needing the uTorrent app on your android phone or desktop computer. While for “Magnet” you will need to download it from the Google Chrome Store and add it to your Chrome extension. You can download the uTorrent app for mobile phones on the Google play store or Apple store. While for Desktop computers you can visit the uTorrent website to download that.

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