Where Can I get Live Updates for Price on Cryptocurrency?

There are a lot of crypto currencies today; and there are so many platforms, websites, and apps where you can get the latest and live updates on any Cryptocurrency price. These websites or apps are also called crypto currency wallets; they help to showcase different crypto coins or tokens. A user can sign up for one to get a wallet, where he or she can buy and hold their own Cryptocurrency too.

Where Can I get Live Updates for Price on Cryptocurrency?

If you have bought some of the top or upcoming or newly listed crypto currency coins or tokens; and you want to get updated on their price? It is very easy to do. You just need to turn on notifications for price alerts of each of every crypto coin or token you have. Well, it depends on the crypto wallet app or website where you have the coin or token.

As there are lots of crypto currency wallets today. Well, we would be listing out some of the top crypto wallets where you can get update any Cryptocurrency price, even if you have the coin in your wallet or not.

List of CryptoCurrency Platforms to get Price Updates

You can get price updates live on any cryptocurrencies coin or tokens any minutes, hours, daily, anytime the coin makes a move either up or down. Below are some of the available crypto platforms or wallets you can make use of to check price updates:


Binance happens to be the top leading Cryptocurrency exchange in the world today; in terms of the high trading volume of Cryptocurrency, it is number one. On the Binance app or website, users can sign up for an account with either a Gmail account or with their mobile phone number. You can buy and sell funds in different currencies respective of the location you are in. You just have to first verify your identity, it is very crucial; as it helps make your account safe, with any of your country’s Government-issued ID cards.

Checking Cryptocurrency Price Update on Binance Wallet

  • Open the Binance app or visit the website.
  • Login/Sign in to your account; Binance sometimes logs users out.

Now navigate to either the Home section, Markets, to check out live updates on the top loser and gainers crypto currencies. Or go to your Wallets where you will see all the crypto currency you have, to out the current status of your investments.

Trust Wallet

Trust wallet is also a Cryptocurrency platform, although it is an app that is available on both top mobile devices; Android and iOS “iPhone”. It has little feature; as it just only serves as an Ethereum wallet and other Cryptocurrency wallets. Trust wallet helps stores investment like me and you, our favorite Bep2 or Bep20, ERC20, and ERC721 tokens.

Generally, via the Trust wallet app, you can only check price updates for top Crypto Currencies like BTC, ETH, BNB, and any other Cryptocurrency you are holding on the app. Trust wallet is not a buying and selling platform for any Cryptocurrency.


Coinbase also happens to be among the top online Cryptocurrency platform today; it is also in the lead. It offers services as to buying, selling, and transferring different Cryptocurrencies. With Coinbase, you can store any digital currency; you can convert any digital currency into and out of your local currency.

What I mean by to store any digital currency; Coinbase also offers wallets, with an exchange, interface, where users can shop for and hold different Cryptocurrency they want to hold. Coinbase is trustworthy, it has tight security and backup for user’s accounts and every bit of Cryptocurrency they are holding in their wallet.


CoinMarketCap is not a wallet for holding Cryptocurrency; you can buy or sell on it. Reason for calling it Coin Market Cap; it specialized in live updates on any Cryptocurrency that is available today. You can check out updates on any Cryptocurrency that decreases or increases over the last few days.

However, you can check out info on any crypto currencies, their names, ranks, symbol, market cap, price, circulating supply, and a lot more on the CoinMarketCap platform. You can sign up for an account on their website or download and install the CoinMarketCap app via the Google play store or Apple store.


CoinGecKo is an online platform for Cryptocurrency market cap; it helps to provide fundamental analysis for millions of coins and tokens in the Crypto market or world. With CoinGecKo, you can track live updates for any Crypto price, check for volume, view the market capitalization for some particular crypto. Cryptocurrency live update is very easy to get with CoinGecKo; on any Cryptocurrency price with the help of the Market Cap feature.

Different Crypto coins and Tokens are listed according to their ranking; you sign up for an account with the platform to get live updates on the latest price for any crypto currency. You just need to add Cryptocurrency to your watch list, and you will be able to get price updates on specific crypto when it increases or decreases in price.


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