How to Confirm my PayPal Email Address?

PayPal Email Address Confirmation Process

After you finish creating your PayPal account, either business or personal. You will have to confirm the email address you used before you can PayPal send or receive money from other users.

How to Confirm my PayPal Email Address

Below is how you can confirm your email address.

  1. First, login to your PayPal account.
  2. Go to
  3. enter your PayPal email.
  4. And then your password.
  5. then, sign in.
  6. Click on your Profile.
  7. Then, go to Profile Settings.
  8. Click on the “Update” button close to the email address you want to confirm.
  9. Click on Confirm this email and PayPal will send you an email.
  10. In the email PayPal sends you, you will see a Confirm your email Click on it to complete the confirmation process.

When you do, it will automatically redirect you back to PayPal, where you will be asked to enter your password. After you do, the email confirmation process will be complete.

After you confirm your email, you can now accept payments from anyone. And the money will show in your balance after you receive it.


What happens next after I Confirm my PayPal email?

To send a payment that is greater than the amount on your PayPal balance, you will need to link your bank account or card to your PayPal account. Only then will you be able to send a Payment also.

How to change my PayPal email address

Go to your profile settings, click on update, next to your email address. Clear off the current email and enter the new email address you want to change to. Then you will have to still confirm the email address you changed to.

How do I choose my PayPal Primary email address?

You can easily set what your primary email address should be on PayPal. Go to your profile settings, and click on the update next to the email you want to choose as primary. Now, click on Set email as Primary.

What is PayPal Holdings’ Email Address?

To get in touch with PayPal for any complaints, or if you can’t log in to your PayPal account, you can contact them by sending an email to [email protected]

How can you tell a fake PayPal email?

Note; PayPal will never send you any mail on your email asking for your personal information, or financial information. Or ask you to provide a specific tracking number of a dispatched item before receipt of payment. So, if you see any email regarding any of the above info, kindly report it as spam or contact PayPal.

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