Citi Diamond Preferred Card Login – Manage your Citibank Card Account

After you apply for your Citi Diamond Preferred Credit Card and you get approved, you might want to access your Citi card account. The Citi Diamond preferred card login process gives cardholders the ability to manage their credit account. Logging into your Citi Diamond preferred credit card gives you access to a lot of features on your Citi cards dashboard.

You can login to your Citi account, to view your Citibank credit card statement online. Check your Citi card balance, make online card payment with your Citi Diamond preferred credit card.

Citi Diamond Preferred Card Login - Manage your Citibank Card Account

You can view all your past (Old) and current transaction history when you login to manage your Citi diamond card. When logged in on your Citi Diamond account, you can set an automatic account alert.

An alert that is stress-free, helps update you automatically about payment due date, balance levels. Also, when you about to pass or when you’re above your credit limit, you get notified by email or your phone number.

You can set a due date to pay your bill at any available time, within the beginning or middle, or ending of the month. After your Citi card approval, you will need to create a user ID before you can login to your Citi Diamond preferred credit card.

Steps to Create User ID, IPIN, APIN

If you don’t have a User ID, an IPIN (Internet Password), and APIN (ATM Pin), you can’t login or have access to your Citi Diamond Preferred credit card. Note this also applies to all Citi Credit Cards.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “First Time User? Register Now” button.
Provide your account information like;
  1. Select your account type.
  2. Your 16 digits of your ATM card number.
  3. Date of birth.
  4. Then Authenticate your account information, using your mobile number with an OTP sent to you.
  5. Now choose your User ID.
  6. Choose your IPIN, it should be four digits number.
  7. And choose your APIN (ATM Pin), which would be made use of during the transaction.

Then you can now finally login to your Citibank Online account.

How to Login to my Citi Diamond Preferred Card

After successfully finished creating your Citi User ID, IPIN, and APIN, you can now login to your Citibank Diamond preferred card.

TO log in to Citibank Card:

  1. Go to
  2. On the “Sign On” form.
  3. Enter your User ID.
  4. Enter your Password, your IPIN (Internet Password).
  5. Then click on the “Sign On” button.

If your making use of a personal device to login into your Citibank card account, you can choose to click on the box “Remember my User ID”. It will automatically login to you next time you try logging in. After a successful login into your Citi Diamond card, you can now manage your Citibank card account.

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