Audiomack for Creators – How to Join & Use It?

Audiomack is a music streaming platform that enables artists to connect their music and podcast to listeners via their mobile apps and website. It has introduced a feature called Audiomack for creators to allow artists to share their music with millions of users around the world.

Audiomack for Creators - How to Join & Use It?

What is Audiomack for Creators?

Audiomack for Creators gives creators unique and limitless access to free tools and services to build their careers. Audiomack for creators is not just limited to just artists. It is available for use by podcasters, radio hosts, and DJs.

Audiomack for creators can be used on their website online or on their mobile app. Audiomack for creators is available for download on all android, iOS, and PCs.

Why Should I Join Audiomack for Creators?

Audiomack for creators is no doubt one of the best platforms for artists, podcasters, and even DJs to promote their work to millions of users all around the world. The best part of Audiomack creator is that it is totally free to use.

You do not have to pay a dime to use Audiomack for creators. It has specialized features and tools to produce work of the highest possible and build their career. In the Audiomack creator app, you can view stats on your work like:

  • The number of plays you have on your work.
  • The number of people who have made your work their favorite.
  • When your work gets added to another playlist.
  • The number of followers that you have.
  • The number of consistent listeners.

Other features are the tool of knowing the geographical location of your most plays and the progress of your account. Audiomack is no doubt one of the greatest tools for upcoming and already-established artists that are interested in growing and spreading their work to the whole world.

Who Can Apply for the Audiomack Creators Program?

Creators like DJs, artists, radio broadcasters, and even podcasters are eligible to apply and become a creator on the Audiomack creators’ program. It is very easy to use and does not require any hassle to apply for the Audiomack creator’s program.

Is there an Audiomack Creators App?

Yes, there is an Audiomack creators app. However, the Audiomack creator app is available for download on all android and iOS devices in their various app stores. Audiomack creator’s app is very easy to download and operate.

How to Download Audiomack for Creators?

Audiomack for creators can only be accessed on the Audiomack website or the Audiomack app. The steps to download the app and access the website on your web browser are very easy and fast. I will be explaining the steps on how to access Audiomack on both the website and how to download the app on all mobile devices.

On web browser

  • Open your web browser.
  • Tap on the search bar and type” www. Audiomack for “
  • Tap enter and you should be on the Audiomack for the creator site.

How to download on Android devices

  • Open your Google play app.
  • Search for” Audiomack creator app” on the search tab.
  • Tap on “install” to start downloading and enjoying the app.

For iOS devices

  • Open the app store.
  • Locate the search tab and tap on it.
  • Search for the Audiomack creator app on the search tap.
  • Tap on “get” to start downloading the app.

How to sign up for the Audiomack creator app?

Audiomack can be accessed on both their website and their mobile app. The steps to sign up are so easy to do. I will be writing the steps to sign up for the Audiomack creator app and they are;

  • Open your web browser or the Audiomack creator app.
  • Click on sign up.
  • Fill in your email address.
  • Select a username and create a password.
  • Click on sign up to complete the signing up process.

After performing these steps you should be able to have access to all the cool features and tools that are present in the Audiomack creator app. However, getting listeners and subscribers to your account depends on the quality of your work.

How to login to Audiomack Creator

Of all the things to do on Audiomack creator, logging in is the most straightforward task to perform on the app or website. You can log in or sign in to your Audiomack creator account in four ways. I will be listing the possible ways to login into your account.

  • Open the Audiomack creator app or search for the website on your web browser.
  • Click on sign in.
  • The various options to sign in to your account include: With your Google account, Twitter account, your Facebook account, or your apple account.
  • You also have the option of signing in with your email address.
  • Click on continue to finish the process of signing in to your Audiomack creator account.

How do I get Authenticated on Audiomack Creator?

Authentication is the first process in the Audiomack for creators programmed. Authentication is the first requirement to become a verified artist and be eligible to monetize your music, podcast, or radio broadcast and it is only for creators.

To distinguish your creator account from a listener account, a grey checkmark is put on your account name. These are the steps to get authenticated on Audiomack;

  • The creator needs to have at least two uploads on their page.
  • The creator needs to have 1000 plays and followers.

If a creator has reached the requirements, he is eligible for authentication. A creator can now be monetized when he is authenticated. This means that the creator can now earn money from Audiomack by uploading more of their content.

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