AT&T Universal Card Login & Payment at

At&t universal card is a co-branded credit card by Citi Bank Group and AT&T. The at&t universal credit card offers excellent credit cards that offer benefits, discounts, and payments if cheap rates.

AT&T Universal Card Login & Payment at

The at&t universal credit cards are the universal savings Platinum Mastercard and At&t universal savings and Rewards Mastercard.

AT&T is one of the world’s biggest telecommunications companies and the leading wireless telephone service provider in the United States. AT&T is an acronym for American Telephone & Telegraph. If you are a customer of AT&T company then you need their credit card for easy transactions.

At&T Universal Credit Card

The At&t universal card is designed as a reward tool for loyal customers, the universal credit card has lots of rewards, benefits, discounts, and other offers.

AT&T Universal Savings Platinum Mastercard

The AT&T Universal Savings Platinum Mastercard allows Cardholders to earn statement credits. Purchases made at $250 or less you earn 0.5%, $250.01 and $750, 1.5% o expenditures of over $750.01.


Universal Savings Platinum Mastercard offers benefits to Cardholders, including cash back, and a zero percentage of introductory APR for 15 months. Also, a free perk statement credit, and there is no annual fee payment on the credit card.

AT&T Universal Savings and Rewards Mastercard

With the universal savings and rewards Mastercard, if you are making frequent purchases of products and services at AT&T, you will get up to $350 each year in statement credits.

Also, cardholders get 10% toward a statement of 5% in subsequent years for the amount spent at AT&T and purchases made outside AT&T.


Cardholders get a reward just like a welcome bonus for using the card. Introductory bonus points of 10,000 when you spend up to $500 in the first three months.

Cardholders can earn and accumulate points up to 50,000 points each year. For each dollar spend on non-AT&T purchases you earn one point.

There are also other benefits the AT&T universal card offers such as;

  • You can manage your credit card online.
  • You can order an additional card for a family member for free.
  • You have options to choose your statement date and personal identification number.
  • Receive an account summary annually indicating your expenses each month.
  • Auto accident travel insurance, auto rental insurance, and travel assistance service.
  • Contactless terminals usage.
  • 24/7 customer service.
  • The universal card is accepted at millions of locations across the globe.

There are other benefits and perks available get your credit card today and see more.

AT&T Universal Credit Card Login

The login section of the universal card allows you to access the AT&T platform, you can manage your account anywhere. Pay your bill, make online payments, and access your financial data. To log in to the website, follow these instructions:

  • How To Login to Citibank.
  • To gain easy access to your account online using the steps beneath:
  • Use the website
  • On the page, navigate to the screen’s right side and click on the Sign On widget.
  • Key in your User ID and Password.
  • Move and click on the Sign On blue button.

With these steps, you can sign in to access the account.

How to Pay the AT&T Credit Card Online?

To make online AT&T credit card payment is very easy and most widely used by AT&T customers. With Internet access, you can pay your bill in minutes.

Since you have created an account;

  • Enter your login information. When you are logged in, go to the “Payments” section.
  • Click on “My Invoices” and click on “Pay Invoices”.

The next step is to complete the payment details as follows;

  • Enter the billing amount and account details.
  • Add the account number and routing number.
  • Enter the invoice amount, click on “Continue,” and then on “Pay the invoice.”
  • After completing these steps, you must wait a few minutes for the payment to go through the platform’s payment gateway.

When the transaction is completed, you will receive a message showing the successful payment.

Payment via Phone Call

Another option customers can make payments, is over phone calls. To pay, you must call the AT&T Universal credit card support number. The customer service team will answer immediately, they will tell you the steps to follow to make the payment. It is important to have your credit card and payment account number ready.

Payments by Mail

This is the least used payment method, but it is also valid for credit card payments. In this case, you only need to send a mail to the following address.

When the customer needs to make an express payment, the mailing address is on the website.

Citibank Customer Service

Visit the customer service center for any further inquiries. Get to the website of the bank and get to the help and support section and select any options based on the information you need.

AT&T Universal Credit Card Customer Service

The At&t universal customer service center can handle any issues you may face while verifying your information online.

To contact the At&t customer service team visit to speak with a center representative or do a Live chat with a representative.


What is an AT&T Universal Card?

The AT&T Universal Savings and Rewards Card offer points for non-AT&T purchases through Citi’s Thank You Rewards Network, a free rewards program featuring a variety of merchandise, travel, and gift cards at leading retailers and restaurants.

Is AT&T Universal Card Visa or Mastercard?

The AT&T Universal Card Citi is a Mastercard, it also comes with some standard issuer benefits, including Liability protection: You won’t be responsible for unauthorized purchases on the card.

Also, you can use the Citi universal card at any point that accepts Mastercard globally.

How do I get Pre-approved for AT&T?

You can qualify when you’re placing your order online When you place your order, a credit decision will be made. Based on the decision you may be required to pay the taxes or make an advanced payment when buying on a NEXT installment plan.

How Do I Activate my Best Buy Card Online?

To activate your Best Buy credit card online get your card activated at Citibank BestBuy credit card online.

  • Navigate to the right side of the screen.
  • Tap in the “Activate a Card” widget.
  • Move downward to the activation page.
  • Then tap on the Find My Card widget.

Use these steps to activate your BestBuy credit card.

How Do I Pay Citibank BestBuy Card?

There are four different ways of making your BestBuy credit card payment there are;

  • Online on the Best Buy Citibank page tap on the Pay now widget to make payments online.
  • By mail. Send your payment to the address online at the customer service center. Include your card account number.
  • Over the phone. Call the customer service center to make a phone payment.
  • By text. Get the right code from the customer service representative to send your payment via text SMS.

Use these ways to make payments for your BestBuy credit card.

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