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AOL News Mail – AOL Mail Sign Up | How to Set Up AOL News Mail Notification

Do you know that as a user on the AOL platform you can get instant news from around the world through your AOL mail account? AOL news mail offers users on the AOL app and on the desktop to get direct notification of trending news. It’s allowed news to be display on the web mail and also to explore more contents while you still on the AOL mail page.

AOL News Mail - AOL Mail Sign Up | How to Set Up AOL News Mail Notification AOL news mail offers users a wonderful discovery of news categories such as U.S News, World News, Politics, Sports, and Science & Tech. To stay connected with the AOL news mail, the platform requires users to create AOL account and make use of the AOL mobile app to get news direct to their mail account. New and existing users get to benefit from this article, demonstrating how to step up the AOL news mail notification on the AOL mobile app also on the desktop.

Free AOL News Mail Sign Up

Users will to take the step of signing up to get news fact, will not only have the news on their AOL homepage. But also have an AOL email account for receiving and sending messages. Basically, AOL is more convenient on the app. Here are the procedures;

  • Download the AOL app from the play store or apple store.
  • Click the installation icon.
  • Open the app and click the mail icon below.
  • Click the “sign up”
  • Fill out your details such as full name, username, password, phone number, birthday and gender.
  • Then click on “continue” blue icon located after the gender box.
  • Click “text me a verification code” and then insert the digit on the dash icon

Fully your AOL news mail account will be open after verifying sending the code number. With the URL link, www.aol.com still accesses the sign-up page. Before accessing the sign-up page you must have views through the news. That is not all, visits your webmail and located news at the right corner and set up the new notification.

How to Set Up AOL News Mail Notification 

The section allows you to be the first to receive the latest news from the services without accessing your account. Note that your data connection should be on to keep on sending messages. Users can access the notification option on the web and app. This also goes to existing users who haven’t opt-in on this platform.

  • Sign into your AOL account with your username or email address and password.
  • For the PC click on the mail icon located at the top side of the page
  • Navigate at the top right side of the page and click option and click mail setting.
  • Enable today on AOL and then scroll down to enable the sound when a mail arrives.

On the AOL Mobile App

  • Click on the setting icon located after the search bar.
  • Scroll down and locate notification icon and click it.
  • Click on news at the top and enable the feature under breaking news.

AOL news mail also provides another option for notifying users and is located on the homage. Go back to the homepage on the PC at the top of the page click on notification bell icon. Then click “notify me” icon and eventually, your AOL new mail is ready for streaming.


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