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AOL Mail App – How Do I Download AOL Email App

AOL services have provided users with great experiences to discover the use of the AOL mail app on various devices on your own country. AOL mail app is moving across over 50 countries in the world to have the mailing app on their platforms such as the iOS devices, Android and the Computer. With the mail app, users can create a free AOL mail and also allows users to add an account on the platform.

AOL Mail App - How Do I Download AOL Email App

The AOL mail app is customized to a convenient platform that can fit into your mobile phone and on the PC without requiring lots of storage capacity. The benefit of the app is that it helps users stay connected to the services providing the fastest access to your AOL mail inbox. Whereby mobilizing every intention of where and when users can access the AOL email on the app. Users willing to have the free app on their devices must comply with the following terms;

  • The system requires for iOS such as iPhone, iPad, and iPad touch is version 9.3 and higher.
  • For android user version 4.4 is needed for the Android system to operate.
  • The desktop app is capable of working on Window 10.
  • Clear some space if your phone memory is full especially on Android

All these systems require the user devices to successful, and if not you might have problems with the downloading process. The first section will be on the smartphone version and later will turn by to the computer.

How to Download Free AOL Mail App on Smartphone Devices

Your phone might have blocked unwanted apps from installing on your devices. The best thing is to locate the phone setting, scroll down, click app permission and set it on. Visit your home screen and navigate the app store with the following steps;

  • Click on the play store/ apple store on the home screen.
  • Make use of the app search on the top and enter the word AOL app.
  • Click on the app with an icon on the first search result.
  • Click install.

It will notify you with a loading icon meaning the app is installing. Note that if you have problems with the section means you haven’t fully complied with the above terms. The app will appear on the app screen after the installing is done.

How to Download AOL Mail App for Window 10

Getting the AOL mail app on the windows is very easy and simple without stress. This platform will be different experiences of how to get the app if you haven’t used the types of procedures. For beginners you can follow the steps below;

  • Open a new window tab.
  • At the left corner click on show apps.
  • Click on the web store and use the search store to find the app.
  • Click on “add to chrome” and the “add extension” icon.

Wait for the app to download and after that, you can locate it at the top right page. All you need to do is click on the icon and it will automatically redirect you to your account. Done with the installation process why not set up your account.

AOL Mail App – How to Set Up Email Account 

The setup process is done after the above process, note that you will be asked to open the app on the smartphone after installing. The steps are provided users a secures setup below;

  • Click on the app you downloaded.
  • Click on login/join or the mail icon.
  • Locate the feature “sign up” below to set up your account.
  • Fill out your details and click “continue” below.

Finally verified your account with the text code sent to your devices to the giving space displayed the screen. Then your first message will be the username and email address authorizing users to make use of the mails for sending messages.


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