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Entertainment is taking over the internet world, videos (Movies & TV series) are one of the most searched media files users are looking to download and watch. On the internet today, there are more than one thousand websites where you can stream and download movies and TV series for free.

Antmovies - Watch and Download Movies & Tv Series

As days pass, new movies and TV series websites are been created to help ease the long stress of finding movies or TV series to download and watch. You might have heard of a website called Antmovies, an ant and the word movies join together. It’s amazing right?

What’s Antmovies?

Antmovies is an online free website for all your downloads, new latest released, old, and trending movies and TV series. The official website URL for the Ant Movies is or, you can watch online and download any complete seasonal movies and TV series episodes.

Antmovie is not just a movie or TV series website, it offers you good quality Full HD 4K ultra high definition, SD 480p, and BluRay movies and TV series or shows to watch and download.

Downloading and streaming or watching movies and TV series is completely free on the Antmovies website. offers you unlimited watch and download opportunities. You can watch and download as many movies and TV series as you want to.

The Antmovies is a new upcoming movie and TV series site that is yet to get popular in the entertainment video download and streaming industry. Its main aim is to provide users with an opportunity to freely watch movies online and download TV series to their devices.

Users don’t have to create or register for an account before they can download or watch any movies or TV series on the Antmovies site. The website has an amazing template, you can easily find your way around because it is built to be a mobile-friendly interface.

Things to Find on

When you visit the Antmovie website, you will find a lot of amazing things (Categories), its movies and TV series. How its categories are well-arranged menu bar, below are;

  1. Home
  2. Donate Us
  3. Movies
  4. TV Series
  5. TV Episodes
  6. Soon
  7. Genre
  8. Country, and
  9. Year

Every heading on the Antmovies menu bar contains different files you can make use of. You can donate to help the Ant Movies website grow up to or above other movies and TV series websites. In the Soon category, you will find movies and TV series that are yet to come out, upcoming.

The website provides different ways for users who visit its platform to easily find, watch, and download any movie and TV series for free.

How to Search for Movies and TV Series

The website has an integrated Google search bar which helps you search for the movie and TV series you want to stream or download. With the Antmovie search bar, you will find movies and TV series using their names. Below is how it works;

  1. Go to the Ant movie website.
  2. At the top right corner of the page.
  3. Click on the search box.
  4. Type in the movie or TV series name.
  5. Hit the enter button on your device.

With a 30secs it will make a search, and display different results of movies or TV series, based on your search query. Then you can click on any of your choice.

Genres of Movies and TV series on

Any type of movies and TV series you want to watch or download; you can find them on the website. The website offers users with latest and old Hollywood and Bollywood movies and TV series. Below are the genres or different types of movies you will find on the Antmovie site;

  1. Action
  2. Adventure
  3. Animation
  4. Biography
  5. Comedy
  6. Crime
  7. Documentary
  8. Drama
  9. Family
  10. Fantasy
  11. History
  12. Horror
  13. Musical
  14. Mystery
  15. War
  16. Reality-TV
  17. Romance
  18. Sci-Fi
  19. Sport
  20. Talk-Show
  21. Western

On each of every list of genres above, you will find more than a thousand movies and TV series to watch online download offline to your device.

Country Eligible to Access Antmovie Website

The Antmovie website has been made available for a lot of different countries across the continent. You can easily visit the website to watch your favorite movies or TV series online or download them offline to your device. Below are the countries available to access the Ant Movies website;

  1. India
  2. UK
  3. USA
  4. Argentina
  5. Australia
  6. Austria
  7. Belgium
  8. Brazil
  9. Canada
  10. Chile
  11. China
  12. Colombia
  13. Cuba
  14. East Germany
  15. Finland
  16. France
  17. Germany
  18. Greece
  19. Hing Kong
  20. Italy
  21. Jamaica
  22. Japan
  23. Macedonia
  24. Malaysia
  25. Mexico
  26. Morocco
  27. Netherlands
  28. New Zealand
  29. Norway
  30. Peru
  31. Peru
  32. Philippines
  33. Portugal
  34. Puerto Rico
  35. Romania
  36. Russia
  37. Singapore
  38. South Africa
  39. South Korea
  40. Spain
  41. Sweden
  42. Switzerland
  43. UAE
  44. West Germany

Whoa; a lot of countries can have access to the Antmovies website for free, this website really amazing. You can easily find movies and tv series you want to watch and download using the Country category. You just have to know the country where the movie or series was produced and released.

How to Watch Movies and TV Series Online

It is very easy to stream online, your favorite or newly released movies or TV series on the website. But note, you need to be less assured your internet connection is good and fast, to enable smooth streaming. Then you can follow the below steps;

  1. On the website.
  2. Search or look for a movie or TV series.
  3. When you do, click on it.
  4. It will then take you to the movie or TV series page.
  5. You will see a “Play” button.
  6. Click on.

Then your movies or TV series will start playing. You can follow this same step to watch any other movie or TV series online for free on the Antmovie website.

How to Download Movies and Tv Series

Downloading movies and TV series is very easy, and it’s fast when you have a good internet connection. Antmovie website provides you with a free download link, for every movie or TV series you want to watch offline. The below steps will help you out;

  1. On the Antmovie website.
  2. Use the category or search bar to find the movie or TV series.
  3. When you do, click on it.
  4. Scroll down, you will see a Download link.
  5. Click on it.

After which your download will pop up and start downloading. When your download finishes, open the folder where the movie or TV series is saved. Tap to start playing, and watch anytime and anywhere. No need to visit the website to stream or download the movie or TV series. It is already in your device storage.

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