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How to Reset my Amex Login Password?

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Sometimes you might find it hard or difficult trying to login into your America Express account; it might be you have forgotten your password or users ID. If it’s your Amex login password you forgot, why not try and rest your American Express password. The one password you are always making use of whenever you want to access your America Express credit card. Yes, you can easily rest it, so you can be able to get access back into your Amex account.

How to Reset my Amex Login Password?

Well, the Amex platform; which is also known as American Express, is a worldwide service online. It offers lots of services like credit cards, loans, gift cards, travel, insurance, and lots more. After you get access to making use of any of the American express services. You do need your Amex users ID and password to get access to your American account.

But if you have no idea what your Amex login is, no need to panic you can easily get access back to your account. You just need to make use of the Amex login password reset feature.

How to Reset my Amex Login Password?

How will advise you, before you try treating your Amex password, try logging in to your account one more time; to see if you could find an idea of what your American Express login password is. If you can’t; then you can go ahead resting your password. When trying to access your America Express account; from the login page, there you will get access to reset your login password.

To Reset your American Express Password with App:

You can make use of either your Android mobile phone or your iOS iPhone or iPad device to reset your Amex password.

  1. Tap to open the Amex app.
  2. Click on login to try accessing your account.
  3. On the login page; under the login form, now click on “I Forgot User ID or Password.
  4. Enter your 15 digital card numbers.
  5. And your 4 digits card ID, which is your Card password.

Now click on the “Continue” and follow the on-screen prompt instruction to complete your Amex password reset using the American Express mobile app.

To Reset your Amex Password with your Computer:

Irrespective of the laptop or pc, you are making use of, you can still reset your Amex password. Either you’re using a windows or iOS desktop computer or any; follow the below steps to reset your American Express account password.

  1. Visit the Amex login page.
  2. Under the login form, click on “I Forgot User ID or Password”.
  3. Now make sure, you are on the Forgot Password page, not the forgot user ID page.
  4. Input your 15 digits card number.
  5. Next is to enter your 4 digits card ID (CID).
  6. Then click on continue.

After which, you will now have to follow the on-screen prompt instruction as you asked to, to complete your Amex login password reset step. When done; you can now finally login to get access back to your American Express credit card account. Note; the American Express platform has only one login process for its users or members to get access to any of the services it offers. In respective of the Amex platform you making use of; either the website or mobile app, you just need only your American Express users ID and password to log you in.

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