7 Best Alternatives to Spotify – Music Website

What are the best alternatives to Spotify? Since Spotify made its entrance in 2008, it has attracted more than 170 million subscribers. And has remained at the top in the streaming music industry. It is available in most modern devices like Windows, Linux, Mac, mobile apps, Smart TVs, video game consoles, and even discontinued operating systems like blackberry and windows phones.

7 Best Alternatives to Spotify - Music Website

Although it is the biggest music streaming service right now, it is not available in all countries. Also, it is not free, which makes it not the best recommendation for everyone. For instance, the free version does not allow users to save offline.

Also, there are often commercials between the songs which can be annoying. With different music streaming services on the internet in recent times, it is about time you check out some paid and free alternatives to Spotify. Read on to the very end to check out the best alternatives to Spotify.

Best Alternatives to Spotify – Music Website

In this section, we will list the 7 Spotify alternatives you can consider. And why they are good replacements for the streaming service. Feel free to take a look;

Apple Music

Apple Music is a giant in the music streaming industry just like Spotify. However, it leads with a catalog of over 50 million songs. If you are in the Apple ecosystem, you will love Apple music due to its integration with IOS without the need for third-party applications. Also, its incredible user interface design and you have the option to dive through recommended hits, lists, genres, or updated and personalized playlists

You only have to pay $9.99/ £.99 per month to enjoy this service. Even if you don’t want to switch immediately, you can just for the free trial version. This will allow you to enjoy full access for up to 3 months

SoundCloud is One of the Best Alternatives to Spotify

SoundCloud is another good alternatives to Spotify. It has a huge music library that contains over 200 million songs, covers, remixed, and podcasts. It also allows you to share music with other users on the platform. You can share your music with other people, listen to the upcoming artists before they become popular, give them your review and be a big part of a community of musicaholics.

However, if you an artist who wants to build a good fanbase, you are better off getting your songs on streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Amazon Music

Apart from shopping benefits and discounts, Amazon offers you a huge selection of music to enjoy. To make use of Apple Music, you need to have an Amazon Prime account. If you are an Amazon prime member, you will have access to a huge library of 2 million songs, playlists, and stations.

In addition to the millions of songs and podcasts, Amazon music recommends new music every Friday based on the previous plays and your favorite songs. If you wish to unlock the extensive library of 60 million songs which includes access to 6 devices at the same time and exclusive releases, you will have to subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited.

You also can enjoy the free version with limited features and no Amazon Prime Membership needed. Two million songs only for $12.99 per month, $7.99 per month for prime members, and $9.99 per month for non-prime members for 75 million songs.

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YouTube Music

Basically, YouTube Music is the normal YouTube that just showcases only music. However, the interface is different and resembles a music streaming service. You can visit your favorite artist’s page; see music videos, discography, and playlist. Also, you will get to see suggestions, new releases, and trending videos.

In addition, you can enjoy free and premium services depending on what you want. The free service contains ad interruption while the premium service provides an ad-free experience. The premium service is just $10 per month. You will also be able to play songs in the background and work at the same time.

LiveXLive (Slacker)

Available on Android, iOS, and Roku, this alternatives to Spotify allows you to create your own playlist according to the album, artist, genre, or album. LiveXLive learns what you like and come up with similar suggestions. The free version has ads interruption between songs. Upgrading to the plus version for $4 a month has features like unlimited skips and offline listening.

The premium version is $10 per month with some amazing additional features on top of the plus version. Like creating your own playlist and playing music on demand. Also, there are special live streams and other benefits to having the premium version.

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Deezer is a streaming service available in 189 countries in the world. it is far ahead its competitors in terms of having services in different countries. This three tiered service gives you unlimited access to over 30 million songs. The basic plan is available just for $9.99 per month and has unlimited skips and good-quality music with offline savings.

As a college student, you can enjoy the premium version for $4.99. the final tier is for people who do not compromise with quality. With just $19.99 per month, you can get a CD-quality stream on top of all the benefits of the premium version.

Once you have decided on the one to choose, getting started is very simple. All you just need to do is sign up with your personal information and personal details and then sign in. And there you go.


Tidal is a fantastic option in the streaming industry for hi-fi enthusiasts who love the good and pleasing sound. This alternative to Spotify offers amazing features and good service. You just need to subscribe for $9.99 per month and you will be able to enjoy CD-quality songs available in FLAC format.

It has standard plans and also family plans. This family plan is for both tiers which enables unlimited music access to up to 5 people. You can also take a 30 day free trial to know if it is the right choice.

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