8 Best Tips and Tricks to Help You Get Better in Apex Legends Games

The fast and furious pace of the Apex Legends game will keep players excited throughout matches. Despite the rigorous challenges and difficulty, new players still have a fair chance of getting a balance in the game.

8 Best Tips and Tricks to Help You Get Better in Apex Legends Games

In this guide, we’ll be sharing 8 tips that can immensely improve your skill level. They’ll also guide you in determining a strategy that works for you. Also, it will be of additional benefit if you equip yourself with some Apex Legends hacks for those extreme in-game challenges.

8 Tips that will help you improve at your Apex Legend Games

1.    Your landing is your first mission

Like any other battle royale, your first concern should be where you’ll land on the map. But before making this decision, you must come to terms with how you prefer to play your game. If you prefer to play passively, you’d better go for deserted locations.

However, you may be at an advantage if you prefer to play aggressively. Drill Site and Refinery are good locations where you’ll encounter many other players. In addition, there are a lot of loots to pick.

2.    Learn different movement techniques

You must learn to cover distances on the map faster, make evasive moves, and lots more for extra advantage. To cover distance faster, for example, you need to learn how to slide between sprints.

You’ll also come across obstacles that you’ll need to jump over. Simply run at them and engage the jump key to start climbing. You can even go higher by jumping toward the end of a slide.

3.    Be practical with loots

If you have your ideal weapon, there’s no need to loot weapons. Instead, go for other items such as attachments and gear. If you’re still at a loss with what weapons, guns such as EVA-8, Prowler, and the AK-47 are worthy targets. However, ensure you’re comfortable with long-range combats before picking a sniper rifle.

4.    Good positioning is advantageous.

The nature of Apex Legends makes it almost impossible for players to camp. You’ll either get caught outside the paying area or earn a headshot from an enemy sniper.

More so, you’ll miss out on important supply drops in the match. Key positions you should always look out for are areas with plenty of covers and good peek points.

5.    Aggressiveness can speed things up for you.

As we stated earlier, Apex Legends is no game where players have the chance to laz around. You’ll always have someone shooting at you or someone to shoot at. We understand that most times, you’ll need to take a break and plan things out. If there are any plans you need to make, make them before the rounds.

6.    Prioritize loot according to their color

If you’re looking to make good use of your time when gathering loot, there’s a simple rule to go by – the color. The most important loots are very rare to find on the map. We recommend going for gold or purple loot. These loots usually contain legendary or mythic weapons that will make you a formidable foe.

7.    The damage animation on your opponent is important.

To get better at Apex Legends, you must stay alert for specific indicators in the game. Another important use of color in the game is in the damage animation hovering above your opponents. For easy kills, go out of your way to attack opponents with a red color animation. These players are poorly shielded. Players with yellow/gold are a no-go except if you have good weapons.

8.    The training mode can help you not to suck

In FPS games, a greater part of the game depends on your aiming skills. Thankfully, Apex Legends offers a Training mode where players can sharpen their aiming skills and improve their accuracy. In addition, you can also use this mode to practice the different movement mechanics available in the game.


There you go with 8 tips that can help you to improve your performance in Apex Legends. More importantly, you must spend some time practicing to improve your aiming and improve the different movement mechanics.

It’s advisable to know what your preferred play style is as it will help you make a better choice choosing your weapons.

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